Monday, March 31, 2014

More About The Spring Classic Duathlon

I was amazed at the acrazing people at the Spring Classic Duathlon. While I was setting up my bike before the race, some guy was talking to a woman while they were both setting up their bikes. They had been in triathlons and duathlons before and knew each other. I started paying attention when he said, "Yeah, I took a bad fall, went over my handlebars." 

She said, "Oh, no, when did you do that?" 

He said, "Oh, about twenty minutes ago, warming up, out there on Airport Way. And I had surgery in January, so I couldn't do as much training for awhile."

And I thought *I* had problems with training and not feeling so great.

The people who showed up for that race and finished it were seriously HARD CORE. 

I crossed paths with a woman during the second 3-mile run as she was about 1-1/2 miles from the finish, after the turn-around, and I was a couple of hundred yards away from the turn-around. She was crying. 

I mean, I did plenty of crying on that day, but not like she was crying. She was seriously sobbing her heart out, tears streaming down her face as she walked and stumbled along.

I called out to her as I passed, "You go, girl! You are my shining example!" She smiled and shook her head but picked up her pace. I watched her the rest of the way. I couldn't catch up with her. She went from walking/jogging to jogging/running, and she made it to the finish a couple of minutes before I did. I never did catch up with her. 

Jason said she was crying as she finished, crying as she went to pick up her bike, and crying as she went to her car. But she finished.  She really was my shining example, making me feel like I had to keep going, running instead of walking and jogging and stumbling, and finish strong.


  1. Sometimes those emotions come just from doing something acrazing you've never done, attempted, or sometimes even imagined yourself doing. I'm so proud of you for doing this race! Way to go!!!! YOU are MY shining example!

  2. Wow. Maybe some day I'll be so dedicated to something that I'll do it even though I'm crying and limping to the end. In fact, I'm sure I will. Some day. In the meantime, though, as Laura said, YOU are MY shining example! Good job, Aunt Louise, on going for it in spite of and because of everything. You rock!