Monday, September 15, 2014

Two More Photos from RATS

Here they are coming up to the finish line.

And at the finish line.

Then we rushed to get to the car, which I'd already parked in line for the 4:20 ferry, and Jason took apart his bike and put it in the trunk, and added Cory's bike to mine on the bike rack on the back of the car, and we went home.

It was Cory's first time on a ferry since that time in KSA, when we all thought we were going to drown. But no such worries on this ferry ride!

RATS! --- So much fun!

Saturday we Rode Around the Sound! Actually, I rode with Cory for the first 7 miles, then Jason rode with him the rest of the way.

It was fun for me to finally have a chance to be the person driving in the car for support.

But you sure can't see those little arrows as well from the car.
At one point I missed a turn and kept driving for a couple of miles without seeing Jason or Cory, or anyone else on  a bike, and thinking, Wow, they are sure making good time!

Then I found the road, and they were still making good time.
I was surprised at how fast they went, and it was a very hilly route.

They slowed down toward the end, and later Cory realized why it was getting so much harder (besides the hills): His back tire had a leak and so the tire was getting lower and lower as he went along.

I have more photos from my phone, which I'll add later. But I must mention now: Cory rode the entire 38 miles, a distance about 3-1/2 times longer than he had ever ridden his bike before. Without padded bike shorts, and without padded bike gloves. Pretty amazing.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Next Saturday: Ride Around the Sound

So, I'll be missing next week's FTU session. Why? because I'll be doing the American Lung Association's Ride Around the Sound (RATS).

Jeff and Cory and Megan and I, or as many of us as can make it, have signed up. It should be a lot of fun. However, even though we've all raised the minimum of $100 required to participate, we may not all be able to ride. We'll still go, as many of us as can.

Last year Megan and I rode in it, and Jeff faithfully drove around the whole route ahead of and behind us and close to us whenever he could. We all took photos. Cory had to miss because he had to work that day.

This year we're going to take turns riding our bikes and driving Cory's truck. We'll take photos and write more about it.

Here's the Web site, if you're interested. But:

Please note: We're NOT asking for more donations! We do ask for your prayers and thoughts for all of us and all our extended families.

It's a worthy cause, of course, and some of the participants have raised thousands of dollars. We're perfectly happy with our entry fees and $100 per. We're looking forward to just having another fun day together.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

FTU Week # 6: Free Socks

So, I went this morning to the sixth meeting of this Foot Traffic University half-marathon prep session.

It was in the downtown Foot Traffic store. Downtown Portland. In case I've never mentioned this to anyone besides everyone I know, I really hate downtown Portland. I hate driving there, I hate walking there, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. I'm trying to think of anything I like about downtown Portland. Oh, yeah, Powell's, and the Foot Traffic downtown store. And that music store near Powell's. But getting there, not so much --- or, really, not at all.

Anyway, the plan was to run 5 to 7 miles today, and the route was through a bunch of streets in downtown Portland. Why? Because it's there. Because the store is there. Because the streets are there... Not enough good reasons for me.

So I went and waited around for my "free" socks, then left. Went back to my home town and ran my 6-1/2 miles along my own usual lake trail.

But the "free" socks were good. If I ever want to pay $15 for a pair of socks, these are the ones I will buy. However, one free pair is enough.

And I mention all this because...why? Because every time I go, I learn something new. This time, I learned that you're not supposed to put your micro-fiber or any kind of synthetic sports clothes, including your fifteen-dollar socks, in the dryer. The lady doing the demonstration said, "Hello, you don't put your jeans in the dryer, so why would you put your socks in the dryer?"

I was thinking "Why, indeed?" because, Hello, I've always put my jeans along with all my other clothes in the dryer,. Then, to my relief, another FTU runner said, "Hmm, I guess I'm not as sophisticated about laundry as she thinks I should be," and everyone else nodded.

I'm running the dryer right now. And my jeans are in it. But all my fifteen-dollar socks and other microfiber and "tech" micro-fiber items are drying outside the dryer. Because, heck, I learned something today.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Addicted to my FitBit

It stopped working yesterday, and I'm so used to having it track every step I take, every stair I climb, that I felt lost without it.

First activity of the evening, then, was to go replace it. So glad I originally got it at REI, because they replaced it for free.

Meanwhile, I did a LOT more walking than is showing on my FitBit Dashboard. Probably I walked another 10 miles yesterday. Just kidding. But at least another 3 miles. Which don't show up because the blasted thing stopped working. I'm just sayin'.

But someday I'm going to have to get another tracking device, and if anyone has any suggestions for what to get or not to get, please let me know.