Friday, March 28, 2014

Please Don't Take My Sweets Away!

Ellen, thanks for your comment:
Okay, here's my idea. Let's cut out that second week with the no sweets of any kind. I think it's more reasonable and sustainable and encouraging to start adding fruits and vegetables in the second week, rather than taking away my sustenance. I mean, seriously, I have to eat something, and if I just cut out the goodies then I'll starve to death. Let's save that one for the last week. :-)
 I totally agree. Let's cut out that goal for the second week, move the rest of the weeks forward, and so on.

Everybody,  I'll write more about this tomorrow and Sunday and I hope that by Sunday I'll have the latest and greatest version of our own group 8-week challenge posted. In the meantime, if I don't make it by Sunday, we at least know to start (or continue) by keeping a food diary.

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