Sunday, March 2, 2014

More Motivation: The Sayings of Robert

I mentioned in yesterday's post attending Robert's spin class at the gym. Here are some of his motivational sayings during the class:

Your legs should be about to burst right now. That's how you know you're getting the workout you came here for.

I need you not liking where you're at because that's how hard you should be working out.

More power! More strength! More speed!

You choose: Back off or go harder. It's all your choice. Dissociate or whatever you need to do, so you can go harder, focus, forget the pain.

It doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be close.

Abandon any reservations and just go, go, go. Start getting that competitive mind-set. We all have it, and it's all in your mind. Get to the point where you think you can't do it, and do it anyway.

You don't have to do two hours on the treadmill. Just do this one-hour class, and you get better results. I'm not knocking running. It has its points. But this workout will give you better cardio in half the time.

Those who think they've got it may have to search real hard to find it.

Do not break. Do not give in. Do not give up. Keep it coming.

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