Monday, March 3, 2014

Training: Small Change in Plans

You know how I wrote about how we have to be willing to change our plans as circumstances dictate? My big plan, which I've worked very hard to keep up with, has been two hours of hard exercise every day except Thursday (only one hour) and Sunday (no exercise, unless you count running around after toddlers in the nursery at church as exercise).

I had my first hour of exercise today in my usual way, in Derek's 5:30 am spin class. Later, Jason and I were talking about whether it would work better for my second hour to go to the 6:30 pm body combat class at the gym or go running/jogging/walking at the lake together.

We were talking about that as I was driving him to a Kaiser clinic where they have an ultrasound so he could get a better diagnosis for some really bad pain he'd started having yesterday afternoon, when we'd gone to a Kaiser urgent care clinic.

At this second clinic, the radiologist looked at the ultrasound and said he had a hernia and would probably need immediate surgery, but he should get a C-T scan first to be sure, which he would have to have done at another Kaiser clinic about 30 miles from there.

Tell you what: I made that drive in record time. And I make it faster than most people already, even on regular days.

Anyway, at THAT clinic, actually a hospital emergency room, after hours of waiting to get this, that, and the other test done and person consulted, a C-T scan was finally done, and Jason was diagnosed with a perforated colon. And depending on who talked to us at which moment, surgery was imminent, might wait until tomorrow, might not be necessary at all, and, finally, would not be done.

At last they checked him into a room where he'll stay for the next 3 to 4 days, minimum, with intravenous "nutrition" and antibiotics, to see if the problem can be solved that way.

So, my second hour of exercise today was a moot question all along.

And that's the way it goes with most of life, most of the time, isn't it. Or if not most of the time, way more than we'd like.

My sweet husband being who he is, he  insisted that I not stay at the hospital with him overnight but get home and take care of the birds and get some sleep and get my regular training session tomorrow morning. So I left there around 10:45, and I'll just go spend most of each day with him until this problem is resolved.

And I'm thinking I need to get out of the mind-set I've been in, two hours or my day is wasted --- and change gears entirely, at least for a week or so.

As long as I put my faith in God and keep moving forward as well as I can, He will take care of me. My whole world may turn up-side-down, but I have to trust in God, or what would be the point of it all, anyway?


  1. Oh wow. That is NOT a fun diagnosis! Cim was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago for five days with a diagnosis of diverticulitis. This is a new one for her, and it hit her HARD. Luckily no colon perforations, just a bad infection. "Just." Heh. As you say, all those other plans can go right out the window when something unexpected like this happens, and it becomes about priorities. What's more important? Your goal of exercising for x time each day? Or spending time taking care of a loved one's health. You've correctly answered it already. Jason's awesome to still insist that you take care of yourself and not sacrifice EVERYTHING to be there with him.

    Meanwhile, I hope everything is okay with him and that he can mend quickly with no other horrible side effects.

  2. Seriously, my condolences, that is exactly what happened to me and it's painful and the hospital is no place to recover! (Well, aside from the IV fluids and antibiotics.)

    Quick recovery Jason...and here's to no surgery! Kay?!


  3. Oh my goodness! You guys will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. "As long as I put my faith in God and keep moving forward the best I can He will take care of me." You're in my thoughts and prayers. I know the Lord is looking out for you and Jason and cares about you more than we can know. Hugs to you

    1. PS this comment was left by me, Ellen. :-)