Saturday, March 8, 2014

Another Sweaty Day, Another Insight

I love coming home from the gym dripping with sweat.

I like what Robert, the 7:30 am Saturday spin teacher, said last week at the end of his spin class:

"You could spend 2 hours on the treadmill and not get as good a workout as you just got."

Today he said, "If you've got too much gear, you're not being efficient in your training. Too much  resistance will actually keep you from getting an efficient workout. If you want to develop your thighs, there are other ways to do that. In this class, we're working on cardio and endurance. Use the appropriate exercise to accomplish your specific goal."

So, just to clarify: My goal in going to the gym is not to get all sweaty. The sweat is just a satisfying side-effect that reminds me of how it feels to be alive and how it feels to keep moving toward my fitness goals.

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