Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Even More Insane? Yes!

Thanks to Laura (again) for this video, like the previous one but even crazier:

And thanks to Laura and Cim for your comments and good wishes and especially for the sympathy from someone who has been through that same ordeal and knows how miserable it is.

And thanks to everyone for your prayers. We appreciate them all so very much! Jeff is really sick, even though he's trying to pretend like he's just having a relaxing vacation in a nice soft bed.

Wait, this is supposed to be about training, isn't it. Okay, so, here was my training with Derek on Tuesday morning, which made me wish (almost) I was in a hospital bed instead of at the gym:

Six sets each of (1) sprinting down the basketball court and back while he held me back with a resistance rope, (2) 2 minutes at highest intensity on rowing machine, and (3) pushing the sled with 45 pounds up and down the basketball court. The idea was to get my heart rate up. And it worked.

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