Saturday, March 15, 2014

Body Pump: The Day After

Is this some kind of fitness hangover? Because oh boy do I ache in more places than I thought I had. But that's good, since they're all muscles, not joints. Not all of my joints, anyway.

So on Friday morning when I went in for the 9 am spin class, and the person at the front desk gave me a ticket for the 9 am body pump class instead, my reaction startled her. "No!" I practically shouted. "Not body pump! Spin!"

Because, yes, I'll take another body pump class, but not quite yet. I want to keep that to a "Yes, you've worked hard" ache, not a "Why are you trying to kill yourself?" ache.

So: I don't have anything more to say about that. Just, I ache. And, yes, I know I've already mentioned this in another post about another day.

Also, sweat. Yes, I think I've mentioned sweat, too. No blood, so far. And hoping to keep it that way. Tears, yes, but only after I get home:)

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