Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thanks to Everyone! --- Also, Perspective

Thanks to everyone who has written and/or called and/or texted.

Jason is doing fine, and we expect he'll make a quick recovery. The surgeons told us he has a better chance than most because he doesn't smoke or drink, doesn't have diabetes or any heart conditions, or any other of those risk factors.

On Wednesday morning he got to have cranberry juice and broth. Not so great; in fact, he got stomach cramps.

But then, around lunchtime, he got to eat orange jello! He has refused to eat orange jello, or any kind of jello, for about 40 years now. But today he was so excited about that orange jello he gobbled it down like it was the most exquisite food of his whole life. Which it was, I guess. And he loved it.

So that's all I wanted to say about perspective. Yeah.


  1. Ah, orange jello. It's the simple pleasures in life, isn't it? Cim got to have some during her hospital stay. Apparently she fell asleep with it still in her hand, because it wound up everywhere - the blanket, pillow, herself...I even found a bit yesterday on the phone charger she'd had in there with her.

    Glad he's on the mend.

  2. Truth. That stuff is lethal if not gobbled directly, apparently. Every day we'd find a new bit of orange jello on a new item and laugh and laugh. hehehe YESTERDAY! hahaha, it's been at least a week!!