Friday, March 7, 2014

Pain is Temporary...

I just now, thanks to Google, found out that Evel Knievel was the person credited with this quote: 
“...bones heal, pain is temporary, [and] chicks dig scars...”  

I first heard something like this was from my daughter Val, who wrote it on my cast when I had broken my hand when we lived in Jeddah. She wrote a longer version, and changed the "chicks" to "hunks." So it was something like this: "Bones heal, pain is temporary, glory lasts forever, and hunks dig scars." 

But today, in Jason's hospital room, I read in an old "Outside" magazine this quote, which is my new training motto: "Pain is temporary. Suck lasts forever." 

I think it's interesting that every version of this keeps the common thread of the temporary nature of pain. Easy to think about now, sitting in front of the computer, and must be remembered when running, biking, swimming, or if you're the one lying on that hospital bed, to keep that perspective.

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