Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Don't Have Anything to Write About Training Today --- Wait! Yes I Do!

I have a lot of thoughts fuzzing and blurring through my head: tiredness, muscle ache, and that lousy left shoulder with the stabbing pains which make me wonder why I'm doing exercises that make my shoulder hurt anyway. And so on.

But anything new? No, not really.

Wait! Oh, yes, in my training with Derek this morning, besides "bricking"---going between the bike and the treadmill---I did that thing where you jump up on a box.

I mentioned that to him because Laura had told me about it. She got it from "5 Exercises to Improve Cycling Power." Derek had me do this in some of our training last year, but we hadn't done it for awhile.

Instead of having me jump up on a box, though, this time Derek had me jump up on one of those step aerobics platforms. I did it first with two risers under each end and then with three risers under each end. By the way, I jumped up with both feet, planted firmly in the center of the platform, and then stepped down one foot at a time, to save my knees.

Having established that I could do that, he had me jump up from straddling the platform to land in the middle of it. Then he had me jump up from two feet to land on one foot, alternating feet of course, to work on balance as well as strength, in both the facing and the straddling positions. Finally, he had me jump up from a few feet away.

This, along with the super aerobic exercise of the bricking, left me feeling pretty good. Still wondering why I went to body pump earlier, but figure I've got to keep doing that until the gym re-instates the small group training or boot camp classes.

(See, I keep telling you there's going to be more about training!)

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  1. Aha! That sounds like a fantastic way to do it! Start little, start in manageable chunks, then work your way up. I forget that I don't have to start at the expert level. Everyone's a beginner at some point, right? Right.