Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Great Ideas! Let's Keep 'Em Coming!

Great ideas about planning meals ahead of time and finding new ways to cook things so they're more appetizing and appealing. Both of these would be a huge help for me.  What if we shared our meal plans and new recipes, too? We wouldn't say we'd have to do one a day or whatever, but just share the experiments and meal plans that turn out well. 

I finally got around to trying this recipe today. I told the children (three visiting grandchildren) they were cookies, and they loved them. I suspect that if I told them they were muffins, they wouldn't even have tried them. Their dad gave this pronouncement: "They taste very....healthy."

Here's the recipe, from Sugar-Free Mom.

A couple of notes: Saying a recipe is completely sugar free, even though it has honey or stevia in it, seems a little disingenuous to me, as does adding chocolate chips for a topping. Anyway, I used guava syrup for a sweetener and these muffins/cookies tasted great to me.

But that's quibbling, because here's what's best of all: They kept me feeling full for a long time and from having a craving for more sweets like  I would have done if I'd had just some oatmeal cereal with sugar, or toast with jam, or any of those "usual" breakfast foods.

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  1. Okay, here's my idea. Let's cut out that second week with the no sweets of any kind. I think it's more reasonable and sustainable and encouraging to start adding fruits and vegetables in the second week, rather than taking away my sustenance. I mean, seriously, I have to eat something, and if I just cut out the goodies then I'll starve to death. Let's save that one for the last week. :-)