Saturday, March 29, 2014

Yeah, I'm Doing the Spring Classic Duathlon!

I went to Fit Right Friday morning where the nicest sales person ever, Ryan, who is running in the London Marathon on April 13, helped me:

He measured my feet and found a pair of "neutral" running shoes for me to try while he videotaped me running on a treadmill.  Then he showed me the videotape, which shows my right instep turning in slightly as I step down (pronating) but coming back normally as I lift the foot, but the left foot  taking all the weight on the outside of the foot.

He recommended "neutral" shoes, found 3 pairs for me to try on, and let me choose the pair that felt best. He said I can bring them back in 30 days if they don't turn out to be just right, even if I've worn them outside, run on trails on them, etc.

So then Jason and I drove the route of the duathlon. The rain was POURING down. And there's supposedly a 50% chance of that same kind of rain on race day, which is good (for me, anyway).

And then I went to the gym and ran 2 miles on the treadmill, did some stretches, and talked to Derek about the rest of the things I need to do for the race (stretch, rest, eat carbs, drink a lot of water).


  1. Go, Louise! Good luck in your race today. I've been thinking of you all day.

  2. I love it when you find a shoe person who is as passionate about finding the right pair of shoes for your feet that you are! I hope the new pair is fantastic! I also hope you didn't choose race day to try and break them in!