Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Find Your Greatness

Thanks, Laura, for posting on Facebook about gym bullying. I followed the link and watched this clip:
"Greatness: It's just something we made up." So true!

Here's the story of the photographer at the gym. So why *WOULD* anyone make fun of people  at the gym who are working hard to improve themselves?

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  1. Sometimes I think about the story you told us about Derek - when he saw two overweight girls doing burpees at the gym. At first you thought he was going to say something disparaging about being overweight and exercising, but then it turned out that he was actually supportive about what they were doing. Of course, it's the fact that he called them "two fat girls" that makes it a less-than-appealing story, but that's exactly right.

    One of the articles/blogs/links posted on FB about bullying this week was about girls at church, specifically LDS church congregations, who have been bullied by fellow church members, which just sounds so wrong. Why would a "Christian" be mean to someone else at church? Someone commented and said that someone like that shouldn't even be allowed to attend church, and I thought about Jesus when he said, The whole have no need of a physician. Which I've always interpreted to mean, everyone gets to go to church, especially the ones who are perhaps bullies or struggling with other issues.

    Anyway, this is supposed to be about exercise. There are certain gyms in the LA area that I won't go to because it feels like you're already supposed to look like you've worked out for years and years. I'd rather go to a place where people look like me and are TRYING to GET fit, not already fit. And I love how the guy in the story handled the situation - turned it right around back on her to show her how awful it was.

    And I have always LOVED that commercial. It's uncomfortable at first, but I admire that guy. Just do it, indeed.