Saturday, May 3, 2014


Yes, we rode the 34-mile loop in today's Ride Around Clark County with the Vancouver Bicycle Club (the most friendly and relaxed and fun set of people you'll ever meet)!

And then, because I felt like I needed more training --- not because I felt great or anything like that --- I rode from the starting place at the college back to our house. Note: I did NOT ride the bike up the 80-degree path up the hill behind our house. I walked the bike up that hill. Even when the day comes that I can ride the bike up Dahlia, I don't know what could happen to make me able to ride up that back path!

(Photos to follow)

BTW, I just *know* the rest of Team Sandra have been out riding today, too! I'm looking forward to reading about their adventures later.


  1. Good job on your ride, and on doing more after the official ride was over! I rode with the Huntsman Hometown Heroes; I made it in a couple of photos on the ride if you want to check it out on Facebook!