Friday, May 9, 2014

Prepping for the Hippie Chick Half

Great name for a day-before-Mother's-Day, all-women, half-marathon, yeah? This will be my second half-marathon. (I was writing "This will be my second half," but it sounds like I'm writing about a very sad basketball game, like the Blazers against the Spurs in their last two games***; or the last half of a very sad and short life. Which I'm not.)

So here's how I've prepared so far:

---This week: my usual 5:30 am spin classes on Monday and Wednesday, and doing some training on my own at the gym on Tuesday and Thursday

---This morning: Eating brownie crumbs I saved in the pan from the brownies I made for and delivered to my visiting teaching sisters yesterday, and then a microwaved chimichanga and half a bottle of Coke Zero, because, of course, I want to be super healthy and strong for tomorrow!

(Don't you love the way Windows tries to help you spell things? And do the Windows people live in a completely un-Mexican-fooded world, or what? Because when I wrote "chimichanga," Windows suggested that what I really wanted to write was "Michiganite.")

---The rest of this day: That chimichanga was so good, maybe I'll have another one for lunch. I'll do some yard work which will count as a light day at the gym (weeding, carrying heavy stuff up the stairs, plugging up mole holes, etc.). I'll go to jujitsu tonight. I don't know what I'll eat for dinner but it will probably be about as healthy as a chimichanga.

---Tomorrow morning: Suggestions for breakfast? I'll have to leave the house around 6:15 to get to the place, and I don't think I'll feel hungry, but I know I should eat. Ideas, anyone? Please?

***Do you think finding a snake in your locker could influence your game? I sure do!  Yeah, sure, it was harmless. But, as the Huffington Post noted, "... if it was meant to unnerve the Blazers, it appears to have worked. Robinson had just two points as Portland lost to the Spurs, 114-97." Welcome to Texas!

What does that have to do with preparing for a half-marathon? Nothing whatsoever.


  1. You're doing so much! I can't believe your next half-marathon is already here! That's acrazing!

    Breakfast - you want something to give you some sustaining energy. Start with some fruit (apple, blueberries, peach, etc.) and maybe a bowl of oatmeal. Or toast with peanut butter. You'll be glad you've got something in your stomach. Sounds like you'll have enough time for it to kick in before the race starts. Eat lots of fruit today - carbo load with the good kinds of carbs - and get some good protein in tonight too with more carbs. You're going to rock it! Good luck!

  2. Wow, Louise. You're acrazing!!! You go, Girl!! You're gonna ROCK that half marathon tomorrow!