Thursday, February 20, 2014

Yes, It's True

So, Laura, in response to your question, yes, it's true that sometimes I'm not trying hard enough. One thing I've done in every spin class I've ever taken is zone out.

Yeah, I know it sounds weird to read that--- as if it's unusual! It's not, as everyone who knows me will acknowledge. I zone out all the time, and sometimes at the most inappropriate times.

(Case in point: my wedding: Bishop Jensen looks at me, so I say "I do," and then he finishes that whole thing about promising to love and honor and so forth and so on. Oops. He looks at me again, and nods, so the blushing bride blushes even redder and says "I do" again.)

Anyway, I know those comments about not trying hard enough are sometimes directed at me. In fact, sometimes Derek looks right at me when he makes some of those comments. So I start paying attention and pick up my pace. I don't mind because it helps me.

I should have a new gadget here with some of the other spin teachers' motivational comments. They're very different from Derek's and from each others' and they work better for some people, of course, but the direct approach works best for me.

And I think you should get back to teaching those classes, and just go ahead yell at those people. "Come on, you slackers!" Because, really, why are they going to the classes if they don't want to get better and reach their fitness goals? And so why should they resent someone reminding them of that?


  1. That's one of the reasons I stopped teaching spin - I had made so many spin students angry whenever I dared suggest they weren't working as hard as they could, that attendance in my classes dropped. I got too tired fighting. If people can't see their own potential when it's constantly being pointed out to them, or refuse to rise to it, why should I fight a battle for them they're not willing to? It might work in another gym, but it wasn't really accepted at that one.

    Now I hope that I don't deflect other people's positive observations of me, and hope to rise to my own potential.

  2. WHAT?!?? You zoned out at our wedding?

    My, but that is so full of writing possibilities! ;-)