Monday, February 10, 2014

Training for the 2014 Huntsman 140

Thanks to Ellen's idea of making a blog just about training, I'm starting one for myself, here.

I'd already made, weeks ago, a calendar with training activities for every day. And I'd already signed up for two events which I'll regard as super-training exercises: the Spring Classic Duathlon on March 29, on Marine Drive in Portland; and the Hop Hop Half Marathon on April 19, also on Marine Drive.

And I'm planning to ride my bike in three long bicycle events in spring and early summer:

Ride Around Clark County, Reach the Beach, and the Pioneer Century. 

Mostly in this blog I think I'll be writing about the day-to-day activities that I'll be doing to prepare.

I think I should write about how I'm changing my eating habits, too.

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  1. I love it! And what a great idea to write about changing your eating habits, too. This week I'm working on eating three vegetables and two fruits each day. Sounds simple, but it takes vigilant effort to remember to do it. Thanks for the inspiration!