Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More Motivation for Training

I've just added a few more of Derek's sayings (in the "gadget" on the right side of this page).

One of my favorite ones is this:

"Your feelings do not matter. Your feelings do not produce success. So focus on what does produce success. Suck it up and drive on. Hammer it out."

This goes along with something he told me once when I was struggling to reach what I thought should be the next step in my training progress:

"Instead of thinking about how bad you hurt, or how tired you are, or whatever things are dragging you down, think about the positive. Think about the reasons you're doing this. Focus on how you're going to succeed. Focus on the good things you'll accomplish."

That advice helped me then, and I'm using it to help me again now, as I'm re-focusing and re-committing to my training.

1 comment:

  1. As a former spin instructor, I admire Derek for being able to say many of the things I wish I could have. People got mad when I told them they weren't working hard enough. Maybe it's different coming from the mouth of an ex-military guy? Or is it that he's a man so can get away with it more than I could? Anyway, I thought all of htose things at one time or another. Except for the "two groups of people - those who are not trying for a specific fitness goal, and that's fine---and those who have a goal, and they THINK they're working hard for it, but they're not." Is that really true? Do you think that you're NOT working hard for a goal?