Thursday, December 18, 2014


So, I've been writing about a lot of cycling teachers at my gym, but haven't written about Christie yet. Not because she doesn't deserve her very own post but because I guess I have taken her for granted as someone I see all the time at the gym, who is always friendly and helpful and encouraging. She's just plain amazing. Or, as her husband Derek put it on Wednesday, she's "awesome and hard core," and right now she's about 8 months pregnant with their second child, still working with her training clients and still teaching spin classes, water aerobics classes, and I don't even know what-all else.

Olivia, Derek, and Christie

And she had time to send me this picture of the family wearing their Team Sandra shirts. Is this the cutest family you've ever seen, or what?

(I'll post some of Christie's sayings in a separate post sometime soon.)

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