Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Training for a Trek

My Sierra Club magazine just came, with all those tantalizing hikes you can take, led by  experienced super-hikers. I don't know if I'll ever go on one of those hikes---every year I circle all the ones I'm interested in and every year I never get around to signing up---but this year I also checked out the Sierra Club's Web site for more information.

And found this fascinating article: "The Man Who Survived a Polar Bear Attack."  I'm not saying this article will keep me from hiking. Because it won't. And if I don't take that same hike Mike Dyer was on when he was attacked, it will be because I can't afford that hike, not because of his experience.

I'm just saying: Here's how he prepared for that hike: "... he loaded up his backpack with 50 pounds of water, strapped on snowshoes, and set off into the woods for 10-mile training hikes. By the day he left, he was fitter than he'd been in decades."

So, as part of my training as 2014 winds down and 2015 winds up, this is one of the things I'll be doing. Not snowshoes. But long training hikes with a backpack full of pounds of something. For wherever and whenever I decide to make my amazing trek.

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