Sunday, April 6, 2014

Beginning Week 2 of Challenge

Here we go for our second week! We'll keep our Week 1 habit of tracking everything we eat, and we'll make sure to eat at least 3 vegetables and 2 fruits every day.

Maybe we can start thinking of the Week 3 goal, too, as we eat our fruits and veggies: finding a new way to prepare these healthy foods so we'll enjoy them more and be even more motivated to make eating fruits and veggies a regular part of every day, even after the 8-week challenge is over.

This second week I'm also going to restrict my intake of sugary foods. I find that they don't really satisfy whatever need I think I'm satisfying with them, and just make me want more. Writing down what I eat has helped, but I need to go further.

Also, I've detected this really bad habit in myself: I decide not to eat a banana or piece of toast or baked sweet potato (for instance) because I read somewhere that they're as bad for me as eating plain white sugar. Then, later, and not even that much later, I feel like I want something sweet, so I eat some candy. (Bonk on side of head!) Should've had the healthy and naturally sweet food, which would have left me feeling more satisfied and less like I needed a sweet!

If anyone has any thoughts, advice, personal experiences, or suggestions about this, I'd love to hear (read) them. Also, today I'll be spending more time with that book "The Craving Cure" and if I get some more helpful ideas from that, I'll share them here.

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  1. I have done the EXACT same thing! "Oh, I better not eat that banana that Steve brought in" (Steve is a guy at work who brings everyone bananas, which is nice and thoughtful). Then five minutes later - "I'm hungry. I'll have some girl scout cookies instead of the banana because the banana is bad for me!" So stupid.

    I just got my copy of The Craving Cure last week and need to start reading it.