Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hippie Chick Half

Yep, I'm all signed up. I'll be "running" (jogging and walking) this event with my friend Lara, who did it with me last year. It was a great event, the day before Mother's Day, all the participants  women, except for the kids who participated in the various fun-run activities. And what I really loved about that day were all the husbands/dads who were there to support their ladies.

I've decided to keep regarding all these events as training exercises, to keep myself from getting too stressed out about them or worrying afterwards that I should have done this or that better.

I'll be signing up soon for a couple of duathlons and I think I'll do another triathlon this year, after skipping that whole idea in 2014. But...I'm not positive about any of this. We'll see. There are lots of other things to do on Saturdays!

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