Monday, October 27, 2014

More Boot Camp

Busy as I am, grading biology papers and my own environmental science lab reports, I HAVE to go to boot camp on Saturday morning! It makes my day...

Last Saturday's class was a little different. Well, the warmups were the same, with sprints up and down the basketball court, and pushups and squats in between.

Then we had six stations around the gym, and went through the whole circuit three times. I left exhilarated and exhausted. But the pain didn't start until the next day. And it's continuing today.

Then this morning I couldn't make it to spin class, but figured I didn't need to, as I had three adorable grandchildren here. We went on a treasure hunt on the yellow brick road, ate mac-and-cheese for lunch, and then did some weeding and cutting in the back yard. Then when Grandpa got home from work, we went to the lake and watched some people putting their fishing boat in the water and played at the playground. Then home, and nachos for dinner. Yum!

And then, for Family Home Evening, Grandpa played Lazy Horse with the children. So he had Boot Camp, too.

So, this day was probably my best boot camp yet....And tomorrow, more of the same.