Monday, September 15, 2014

RATS! --- So much fun!

Saturday we Rode Around the Sound! Actually, I rode with Cory for the first 7 miles, then Jason rode with him the rest of the way.

It was fun for me to finally have a chance to be the person driving in the car for support.

But you sure can't see those little arrows as well from the car.
At one point I missed a turn and kept driving for a couple of miles without seeing Jason or Cory, or anyone else on  a bike, and thinking, Wow, they are sure making good time!

Then I found the road, and they were still making good time.
I was surprised at how fast they went, and it was a very hilly route.

They slowed down toward the end, and later Cory realized why it was getting so much harder (besides the hills): His back tire had a leak and so the tire was getting lower and lower as he went along.

I have more photos from my phone, which I'll add later. But I must mention now: Cory rode the entire 38 miles, a distance about 3-1/2 times longer than he had ever ridden his bike before. Without padded bike shorts, and without padded bike gloves. Pretty amazing.


  1. Congratulations, Cory! And yay for a wonderful support crew (you)!

  2. So cool that you guys could all do that together. And, like Laura says, good job Cory.

  3. Cory just astounded me with his courage and determination. I could not have done what he did without the gear I had - and he didn't. Cory just decided he was going to complete and DID. He's also the only member of the family to complete a marathon.