Sunday, September 7, 2014

Next Saturday: Ride Around the Sound

So, I'll be missing next week's FTU session. Why? because I'll be doing the American Lung Association's Ride Around the Sound (RATS).

Jeff and Cory and Megan and I, or as many of us as can make it, have signed up. It should be a lot of fun. However, even though we've all raised the minimum of $100 required to participate, we may not all be able to ride. We'll still go, as many of us as can.

Last year Megan and I rode in it, and Jeff faithfully drove around the whole route ahead of and behind us and close to us whenever he could. We all took photos. Cory had to miss because he had to work that day.

This year we're going to take turns riding our bikes and driving Cory's truck. We'll take photos and write more about it.

Here's the Web site, if you're interested. But:

Please note: We're NOT asking for more donations! We do ask for your prayers and thoughts for all of us and all our extended families.

It's a worthy cause, of course, and some of the participants have raised thousands of dollars. We're perfectly happy with our entry fees and $100 per. We're looking forward to just having another fun day together.

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  1. How wonderful that you get to do this, especially as a family! I hope it works out that you all get to ride as much as you want to/are able.